Statutory Reporting

FSIOasis Annual Statement

FSIOasis transforms the filing process through its intuitive navigation and helpful wizards, which guide you effortlessly through each step. Screen views in FSIOasis are designed to resemble the printed page, and the system uses familiar windows applications features. Our easy-to-use crosschecks run quickly and take you to the error in question.


Multi-state insurers have been subject to increasingly complex and standardized directives since 1871 with the development of uniform financial reporting by insurance companies. Since then, new legislation, new levels of data collection and delivery, and the automation of annual financial statements have led to the need for Financial Software Innovations, Inc's. (FSI) expertise. FSI has been the innovative leader in automated financial statement for insurers since its inception. Founded and staffed by seasoned industry veterans, the FSI team has significant experience and a proven track record. Ongoing research and development investment allows FSI to lead the industry in annual statement software efficiency.

  • Main screen displays pages, current period, current company, and the latest date each file has been saved.
  • Prior Year Transfer runs in one step for any filing.
  • Create custom PDFs of any or all pages from the main screen or using the Print Utility.
  • Data controls and instant validation tests to reduce user entry errors.
  • Custom Data Mapping tool allows importing of data from virtually any source file. Set up one time and refresh data at any point.
  • Context-sensitive help to provide guidance with the task a user is currently working on.
  • Verify Wizard: Links directly to pages, so by double-clicking any error reference, you can jump to the page and see the issue.
  • NAIC Filing Wizard: Walks through the filing process with just a few easy steps.
  • Multi-company batch jobs allow processes such as verify, PDF creation, printing, data importing or NAIC file creation to be processed for multiple companies at the same time.
  • Schedule tasks, such as backing up files to run daily or on a custom schedule.
  • Pre-populated and customizable state specific forms.

In the development of the FSIOasis Annual Statement System, the FSI R&D team conducted focus groups to design the Annual Statement system for an accountant's perspective and financial manager's needs. We found ways to prepopulate cells and automate the creation of statement pages to reduce your work-load. The validations and calculations update continuously as you enter data to immediately notify you of any errors.


Download and use our quarterly software to file for FREE. Contact FSI for your free Quarterly installation of FSIOasis. A single install is used for all lines of business. You can file for FREE for all quarters and if required, monthly filings as well.


Client Machine Requirements—Each user accessing FSIOasis will need the client installed on their workstation. Any Microsoft-supported operating system is supported.

Application Server Requirements—Server installation required for multiple users to access the application at one time.

Database—FSIOasis stores data files in XML format.

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