Statutory Reporting

Elevating tatutory Reporting

Welcome to the future of Statutory Reporting with FSIOasis, our flagship Annual Statement Software that transforms the filing process into a streamlined and intuitive experience.
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Annual Statement Software

Developed with insights from accountants and financial managers, FSIOasis is designed to meet the intricate needs of multi-state insurers, ensuring compliance and efficiency in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

Intuitive Navigation & User-Centric Design

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Helpful Wizards & Views:

FSIOasis guides users through each step with intuitive navigation and wizards, presenting screen views that resemble the printed page.
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Instant Validations:

Benefit from instant validation tests and data controls that significantly reduce entry errors, keeping your reporting process smooth and accurate.
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Familiar Features:

Experience ease with familiar windows application features and rapid crosschecks that swiftly pinpoint discrepancies.
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Cutting-Edge Technology & Expertise

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Industry Leaders Since 1985:

FSI, founded by seasoned industry veterans, has been leading innovation in automated financial statements, adapting to evolving directives and standards.
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Proven Track Record:

Our substantial experience, receptiveness to client feedback, and ongoing R&D investments make FSIOasis the benchmark for efficiency in annual statement software.

Key Features of FSIOasis

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User-Friendly Interface:

Display pages, filing periods, companies, and save dates on the main screen for easy access.
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Effortless Data Import:

Use our Custom Data Mapping tool for importing data from any source file, set up once and refresh at any point.
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State-Specific Forms:

Enjoy pre-populated and customizable state-specific forms, tailored to meet diverse regulatory requirements.
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Multi-Company Batch Jobs & Scheduling:

Manage tasks for multiple companies simultaneously and schedule tasks such as backups according to your needs.
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Context-Sensitive Help & Wizards:

Receive guidance tailored to your current task with our context-sensitive help and user-friendly wizards for NAIC filings.

Optimized for Efficiency & Accuracy

Experience the benefits of our complimentary quarterly software downloads! Take advantage of our free FSIOasis installation provided by FSI. This software is compatible with all business lines, allowing you to file your quarterlies and, if necessary, on a monthly basis. Contact FSI now to get started.
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Included With Purchase

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Unlimited Support:

Take Advantage of unparalleled customer support from seasoned professionals.
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Training & Implementation:

Get personalized initial training and additional sessions for new users or simply for a refresher.
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Continuous Updates:

Our software is perpetually updated to ensure compliance with the NAIC filing requirements.
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